Your Mindset is Key to an Ideal Life

Everything you do or don't do is a result of your current mindset. If you don't have what you want in life, then some simple mindset shifts can create the momentum you need. 

In this course you will...

  • Unlock the clarity that's already present in your life.

  • Discover how to  move through fear, procrastination and self-sabotage.

  • Ask the right questions to unlock your own inner wisdom.

  • Create a powerful habit of prioritising you. 

This course is ideal for you if...

  • You want to work with the universe and not against it.

  • You have  big ideas that feel overwhelming so you stay stuck without a framework to put them into action.

  • Overcoming challenges in your life is something you want to master.

  • You want an advantage in life.

Does this sound like you? We'll show you the way forward. Knowing and applying these seven secrets will get you started.


"I've changed three things since taking this course already! And more to action. They have really opened up a lighter perspective on life. I can't believe how these little life tweaks have made such a difference in my day to day life. The power of gratitude and balance as well as that question section was really key for me. I feel much calmer and clearer on the next steps." - Anne

Gain Clarity

Learn to leverage how energy works for you and not against you. This is key to understanding your role in manifesting what you want.

Move your life forward

If you are over having one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake of your life, then the secrets will reveal to you the next steps that you need to take. You can now interpret the challenges in your life for what they really are. The key to your goals.

Transcend your reality

An ideal life doesn’t just happen by chance. It’s the product of what you focus on and the actions you take. We include a workbook and videos of the 7 secrets so you can revisit these steps whenever you need a reminder about how remarkable your life is.

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Course curriculum

    1. Message From Mandy

    2. Workbook: 7 Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Life

    1. Secret #One

    1. Secret #2

    1. Secret #Three

    1. Secret #Four

    1. Secret #Five

About this course

  • $37.00
  • 11 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Is this for me?

Ever wondered why things don’t always go according to your plan? You just need to know a few secrets to help guide you. To know if this course is for you, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you speak the language of the universe which I know to be clarity and certainty?

  • Is your life how you want it or are there times you know you are standing in your own way?

  • Do you have dreams and goals but find fear, guilt or procrastination are your go to when you think about creating your ideal life?